Website Update: Version 0.3

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Another quarter of classes has come and passed, and yet another update has gone live. Take a look at the shortlist of changes:

Yes, there is a new url now. No offense Github, but I was getting sick of the “”, so I went on Namecheap in search for a custom domain name. Unfortunately, is taken and the user is selling it for a very expensive price ($500 minimum offer!), so I elected to go with for a more reasonable $10/year. Setting up the custom domain was a piece of cake as both Github Pages and Namecheap had step by step tutorials that were easy to follow.

Strata Theme

The old Tranquilpeak theme wasn’t compatible with Hugo 0.19, and I wanted to have a nice way of displaying all the noteworthy projects I’ve done, so I figured it was time for another theme update. Strata had the closest thing to what I was looking for, except the default template was set up for showing off photography portfolios. After changing fonts and some colors, I repurposed the picture portfolio boxes to link directly to my projects. Which leads into the next point…

Project Portfolio

As you can see, on the home page, there is now a section that displays my projects. Please feel free to check those out. I’ve added some pretty cool ones, particularly Harmonious Monk, which is an automatic jazz harmonizer that I just made this past quarter with two teammates.

What’s Next?

You can expect a quarterly report of sorts coming within the next few days (by the end of spring break at the latest).

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