Website Update: Version 0.2

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It’s been awhile since I updated my site, so when I came back, I decided to re-design/re-build it.

Switch to Hugo

Mostly due to the unfortunate fact that my last laptop died and I didn’t want to go through the pain of configuring Ruby and Jekyll on a new Windows machine. And it’s good to dust off and freshen up things every once in awhile. After a quick research session, I found Hugo, a static website generator built with the ever-rising Go language. Hugo is pretty easy to pick up, very fast, and nice and compatible for all OS’s (unlike Ruby and Jekyll).

New Look

With a new static generator selected, I wanted to find a new theme. My old theme (Casper for Ghost) was fine, but I wanted something simpler and cleaner. I ended up choosing this Redlounge theme, which has been pretty customizable. The documentation for it doesn’t explain everything, but once you get comfortable with how Hugo works, it’s pretty simple to figure out how to get things to look just the way you want them.

Other Changes & Updates

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